1. SubWave Sonar Technology*

  2. Six Diving Modes

  3. Tone and Vibration Alerts

  4. Multiple Features

  5. Garmin Dive App

SubWave Sonar Technology

We are introducing our exclusive SubWave sonar technology. Pair your Mk2i with Descent T1 transmitter before a dive. This allows your Descent T1 transmitter to transmit tank data to your Mk2i via sound waves. Capitalizing on the stable transmission and low energy consumption of sound waves under water, SubWave sonar technology can operate at a range of 10 meters and connect with up to 5 transmitters at a time. Not only can you check the air pressure, surface air consumption (SAC), air time remaining (ATR) and power level of multiple tanks you use, you can also monitor the tank status of your dive buddies. With the best diving technology on the market, Garmin takes your diving experience to a whole new level.
* Descent Mk2i Only/Descent T1: Coming soon

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The Garmin Descent Mk2i was named ScubaLab Testers Choice in Scuba Diving’s November dive computer test issue. “Refined, highly-capable, yet remarkably easy to use, it was our Testers Choice for dive computers.”

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Support for multiple dive modes: recreational, technical & free diving.
( single and multiple gas dives (including nitrox and trimix), gauge, apnea, apnea hunt and closed circuit rebreather. )

  1. Apnea

  2. Single Gas

  3. Gauge

  4. Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR)

Your First Line of Defense for Diving Safety

Oxygen Tank Pressure Alert

For safe diving, your oxygen tank should have a pre-dive pressure of at least 200 bar (3000 psi). Once the pressure falls below 50 bar (750 psi), it is time for you to ascend. In its default setting, the Mk2i will vibrate and sound alerts when the pressure falls to 67 bars. Users can adjust this warning threshold manually to suit their safety needs.

N2 Loading

Nitrogen is dissolved in body tissues while you dive; how much depends on how deep you dive and how long you are under water. Displaying your N2 loading helps you monitor nitrogen levels and avoid nitrogen narcosis.

PO2 / CNS%

The partial pressure of oxygen (PO2) in mixed gas is monitored to gauge central nervous system (CNS) oxygen toxicity, reducing risk of seizures due high CNS oxygen toxicity over extended periods. (Alarm: 1.4 ata / Limit: 1.6 ata)

No-Decompression Limit (NDL)

These figures indicate the maximum time a diver can remain at a given depth. If a diver exceeds the NDL, the risk of decompression sickness increases significantly.

Decompression Stop and Safety Stop

During an ascent, divers must pause at specific depths to allow for the release of excess nitrogen in the body. Before surfacing they must remain at a depth of five metres for three minutes, a 'safety stop' that reduces the risk of decompression sickness.

The Science of Underwater and Sports Heart Rate

As well as tracking your everyday heart rate, the Descent Mk2i supports underwater heart rate tracking, allowing you to track your performance during a dive and adjust your plans accordingly. The Garmin Elevate wrist-based heart rate will help you train at an effective intensity using the heart-rate training method.

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Integrated Multiple Sensors


You can record the entry and end points of your dive using GPS/GLOSNASS/Galileo satellite systems, sharing your secret dive spots with friends over Garmin Connect and the Garmin Dive app!

A 3-axis dive compass

Mark your entry point and use the digital compass to retrace your route. Green indicates the correct direction, and red means you've veered off-track.

Double Tap to Switch Watch Faces

During a dive, simply double-tap the watch face to switch screens, so you can see your all information easily even when you are wearing heavy gear.

Multiple Features

Support for more than 30 built-in sports modes including skiing, golf, biking, running, hiking, rowing, paddleboarding, triathalon and other indoor and outdoor sports. Preloaded with 43,000 golf courses and 2,000 ski resorts from around the world.

The Power Manager feature allows you to quickly switch to the power mode you need as you transition into a different activity.In addition to the default Maximum Power Mode that accommodates multiple activities, you can customize the power mode by switching features on or off according to your needs.

Built for outdoors acitivites in harsh and changing environments, our Chroma Display is visible under the Sun or underwater. Supported by an extra-long battery life, it delivers stable performance even in rigorous environments.
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Keep track of your blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) in real time to track your performance and calibrate your training goals. Your blood oxygen level not only determines your performance, but also affects your sleep quality. The Pulse Ox feature is one of the most trusted blood oxygen detection technology on the market. It enables you to monitor your blood oxygen saturation through sensors.
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* Sync your Garmin Dive data to Garmin Connect

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Data for each dive is recorded automatically, or you can manually edit the dive information, including: dive point, maximum depth, bottom time, surface interval time, underwater heart rate, N2 loading, SAC, ATR and more. Freedivers can access detailed analysis (including surface count, dive times and more) to optimize their diving plans.

Upload photos of dive spots to your private collection or share with others. Access information on a trove of dive spots around the world, compiled by leading international divers.

Smart Living, Made Easy

Store up to 2,000 songs, or access streaming apps from compatible services, including Spotify,
Deezer and listen through wireless headphones with Bluetooth technology.


QuickFit bands in silicone and leather can be switched easiy with no tools required to match your style. (Sold separately)

Connect IQ

Download custom watch faces, add data fields, or get apps and widgets from Garmin Connect IQ. Define your style, or try something new. Use Face It Watch Face Creator to add saved or new photos to the watch face.

Descent Mk2

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Descent Mk2i

PHP 86,995 Learn More

Descent T1

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Descent Mk2i and T1 Combo: ₱104,595

  • *Must be paired with Descent T1 Transmitter to monitor tank status
  • *Only Descent Mk2i supports air integration
  • *Your body, drysuit, and dive equipment can obstruct the signal, particularly while underwater. For the best reception, all transmitters in your group should have clear lines of sight to the dive computer. To help prevent blocking the signal with your body or equipment, please find out more from Descent T1 manual.